Saturday, October 16, 2010

The world around me

When i was setting up house there seemed to be quite alot of orange around. i think i have some kind of sub-conscious attraction to it. but either way, i like showing off my home. I'm so dang house proud.
Here are some of the many orange objects that surround me right now.

See! i told ya i would do this post!

Coffee Table:

Ash tray, found in antique shop in coldstream I think.
Knitting needle canister, my grandmother's.


Old mop tin, I literally bought that because it was orange ( and the brill typography)
Artwork by My housemate.
And also she owns the awesome orange doily, and the typewriter. (jeeaaloousss)


Rice canister from Upper ferntree Gully op-Shop (my fave op-shop ever!)
some old plastic teacups of my mums. (cos my mum is way cool. Let me tell you about that sometime)yes, they are sitting on top of the microwave.
A plain mug from safeway. (shuddup)

And another cute mug my sister gave me for moving out.

I know its just a bunch of random stuff, but for some reason it really stands out to me around the house. Theres more stuff, i just chose the ones in good photo places. hehe.

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