Saturday, March 5, 2011

Letterpress #2

There are a lot of really amazing videos on letterpress out there, it really is such an amazing process. I found this video by Gestalten TV about Studio on fire just extraordinary. The process for him is a little different, he is using flexograph plates instead of hand setting the type in metal like the classic ones. But this is what happens where I work so I find it interesting to go through the whole process on a much smaller scale. Also the designs!! oh the designs!


Pearl & Marmalade

Clementine Press

Bitter sugar

Sweet Harvey

Dude and Chick

well wasn't that fun? are you all excited about letterpress now? good.

I just ate under the sea spaghetti. i enjoyed it. lobsters!dolphins!octopi!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh no!

Now, I reckon everyone has a soft spot for stationary. It's true and even if you deny it I wont believe you. Some people even get obsessed. That's why I actually groaned when I found out about Lovely Stationery, the new blog from the people behind Lovely Package(A place I procrastiblogged WAY too much while I was studying)
Dont get me wrong, I mean... how exciting!!
But i can definitely see myself losing hours. hehehe