Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hows about some drawing?

Pretty Freecken awesome
I think Melbourne could really embrace something like this.
I'll just put that out there shall i?


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catch up?


oh golly, i dont know where to start!
the most brilliant and exciting way to get inspired that i have ever known
3 days of constant design! design design design design! 40 speakers overall, some of them perhaps not really in the industry for their public speaking skills, but mostly they had really put a lot of thought into what they wanted to say and they really came out with the most awe-inspiring stuff!
the people behind vue de monde, breville, the bonds mash up ad, absolut vodka, the water cube swimming centre, hoefler, gotham, missoni, monster children, village cinemas, arena, desperate housewives, hulk, watchmen (opening credits)
and thats only to name a few!!!
i hardly think this really sums it up, but at least its a little taste.

On another point!
Auction today!
yep, my parents are thinking about buying this ten bedroom house down the road and turnig it into a guesthouse!
its the most awesome 50s house, but its in a terrible wreck! ( it literally needs to be restumped!)
but yes, from a design piont of view its going to be so much fun! least where my mother lets me decide :)...
check the awesome old stove!...we'll prolly sell it though.

all the bedrooms have different wallpaper and such like!
oh what fun!

(at auction it went above our limit...too bad really)

oh its a love hate relationship

man how can such a boring product have such a good advertising agency.
i guess that speaks for itself...they have to make it less boring.

Coke Heist Super Bowl TV Spot from Ji Huiwen on Vimeo.

its just the kind of ad you talk about later.

just wait till i get to their print ads.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The latest.

i pretty much have no readers at this point. but thats ok, i like to pretend i do. and maybe someday someone will read over the early blog posts of the great Katherine helen!
anyway, i found this wonderful post and thought i should blog about it.hooray!
see how many you can relate to!


so theres a snippet.
take a look here for the rest!