Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yes. i must have.

Done and dusted!

This week I finally printed off my graduate folio. And my god does it feel good! Then this morning I finally got a call from this job I've been waiting on, and my induction is Tuesday!!! I love it when everything works out like this, especially after stressing for such a long time!
These are the playing pieces from my board game i designed during the year. (a shot from my folio)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Screen printing delights.

You may have seen this on the Etsy blog, which i do very much recommend you read.

Especially since you'll find things like this on it. Its from the handmade portraits series.
This house absolutely blows my mind. I think because I'm venturing towards it slightly in my own apartment.
Oh the design!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Do you read hello sandwich? because you should.
She knows all the right people, and talks about all the right things.
This post made me swoon...

also just LOOK at this jumper ...... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Jana Traboulsi

This is Jana Traboulsi.
She is from Beirut.
I like her a lot.

Jana's work is just so lax. like she's never scared to just put pen to paper. It makes me want to fetch my sketchbook right about now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To do list:

I want to make me some of these!

Just as soon as I stop blogging and finish my homework. Blerk.

But I'll keep you posted! (hehe pun intended!)

images from Olive Manna

Atelier gallery

I previously posted about the annual report i designed for Atelier community gallery, now I can show you the branding across all the stationary! yay for you!

Folio goodness.

Hembakat är Bäst

How wicked cool is the styling of the ingredients for this IKEA recipe book?? REALLY COOL is the answer. For some reason I never consider IKEA people as effort and time taking people. I don't know why, but this really surprised me.

Now i want to go play with my food!

go loooookie

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Darren Booth

So this one is quite a long post, simply because i am just blown away by this fantastic hand drawn typography from Darren Booth i just couldnt leave any of them behind! (though i did, and you should go look for yourself, because its rather amazing.)

wow. right?   RIGHT?

I swear typography is a weak point of mine, so I'm always so in awe of people who do it well.

well, one of these days i'll put up more of my own stuff. promise.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The world around me

When i was setting up house there seemed to be quite alot of orange around. i think i have some kind of sub-conscious attraction to it. but either way, i like showing off my home. I'm so dang house proud.
Here are some of the many orange objects that surround me right now.

See! i told ya i would do this post!

Coffee Table:

Ash tray, found in antique shop in coldstream I think.
Knitting needle canister, my grandmother's.


Old mop tin, I literally bought that because it was orange ( and the brill typography)
Artwork by My housemate.
And also she owns the awesome orange doily, and the typewriter. (jeeaaloousss)


Rice canister from Upper ferntree Gully op-Shop (my fave op-shop ever!)
some old plastic teacups of my mums. (cos my mum is way cool. Let me tell you about that sometime)yes, they are sitting on top of the microwave.
A plain mug from safeway. (shuddup)

And another cute mug my sister gave me for moving out.

I know its just a bunch of random stuff, but for some reason it really stands out to me around the house. Theres more stuff, i just chose the ones in good photo places. hehe.

Chloé Nicolay

These are some basic animation exercises made my animation student Chloé Nicolay. They are so cute! so mezmerising

Préliminaires / Preliminary exercises from Chloe Stenopee Nicolay on Vimeo.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


I JUST found these lamps, and my mind exploded! seriously. i'm the biggest collector of tupperware. BIG FAN. though, to tell the truth i dont have nearly as much as i would like to have, but that aside... HOW COOL ARE THESE?
i always see the jelly mold ones in savers but they are the ones i just dont think i could ever use. UNLESS I WAS MAKING A LAMP.
right. well. i think you can feel my love now... did you feel it? because i love these lamps.

and they dont even put holes in the plastic! (the jelly mold ones have a hole in the bottom) weeeeeee!

orange! weeeeee!

p.s i love orange. let me tell you about that sometime.

Avocados are my favourite food.

THEREFORE. I love this salt and pepper shaker from Daina Platais

Storm in a teacup

Glennz Tees

Every so often one should take a moment and go have a peek at Glennz tees. I check it out very sporadically ( thankyou clueless!) but every time I come away from it wanting to show everyone all these clever illustrations. I can see why they work so well as tees, they're exactly the kind of things you have to share!



As the years rolled by Christopher’s priorities changed. He decided he’d like a rug in his den and a nice warm pair of slippers.


People have been searching for him for years, but he’s still waiting to be discovered.

Um. Yes please. thankyou


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Subjective Measures

I dont wish to keep doing wishlist posts, I might lost control of them.
But i cant go past these spoons!
My kitchen is mostly vintage op-shoppy stuff, its all mismatch. so at first thinking of these spoons in my kitchen just wasn't working, so clean and shiny. But then i realised that doesn't even matter! they are the perfect mix of mismatch+clean+awesome!
 I love picturing them at dinner parties as serving spoons. then using them as my own personal dinner, dessert and tea spoons. just perfect.

Lara de Greef's (Netherlands) beautiful collection of products are just so unique, along with the beautifully designed website. I highly recommend you go look.

and i quote..."Using the rigid typology of spoons and measures as vague and subjective as 'a cup' and 'a teaspoon', Lara designed a playful line of spoons. The spoons vary in form and size and thereby are, at basis, highly differing. By using the same clay as material for the line as well as by usage of a similar glaze in a specified and recognizable color line, the line becomes one. This highly communicative series explores our experience of a series as well as our usage of measures while cooking."


Yellena James

For those of us who just enjoy finding a new artist to browse through, just to feed our eyes, this is exactly what you need, (as are all of my artist posts...hehe)
Yellena James
is something else.

I've had one of her drawings as my wallpaper on my phone for quite a while now, I found the image in my 'inspiration' folder, but I had never actually wrote down or saved who the artsist was! what a dill.
But since all this blogging business I've been slowly going through all my very old bookmarks, (and having marvelous fun) and there she was! I had to blog her right away!

When i'm working lots next year, Yellena James is definitely going on my wall. no. doubt.


Annual Report!

I recently finished this rather extended class brief, the Atelier Gallery annual report!
and boy! does it feel good to be finished!

here are a couple of spreads...

For this particular assignment i set it up as a two colour design, just so i could have a go at printing it on our risograph!
(which I certainly plan to tell you more about .. soon.)  These are some examples of the kind of qualities you get in the printing... i just love it! I know those photos arn't particularly good, sorry about that. But i do plan to do alot more risoposting. I hang out with my riso alot so its bound to pop-up left right and centre.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wishlist: Coasters from Parliament of owls

OH MY GOD. I absolutely and IN LOVE with these coasters. i love the colours. i love the LETTERPRESS. i love the designs. i love the characters, i love the concept.
SO GOOD. as if you arn't lusting right now.

GO LOOK. And then go buy some for me.

"a series of seaside dwelling elderly folk called “The Coasters” with a penchant for booze and old timey hobbies."

Alice Rebecca Potter

I just stumbled on these rather fantastic illustrations from Alice Rebecca Potter. She really is quite the talent don't you think? if i was someone who had money, i would most definitely spend it at her Etsy store.