Saturday, July 30, 2011

The sky is on fire

I happened to walk out of my room to see the kitchen flooded with red light this evening.
Just Beautiful.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A very long walk!

This week Melbourne has provided us with some simply gorgeous sunny days! I absolutely love it when it looks so sunny outside you just can't stay indoors!
I especially love it in winter when its sunny but the air is still cold so you relish every second of the sun bathing, but you dont get too hot so you can still wear winter outfits! I even like to cross the street every couple of blocks trying to decide which sidewalk is in more sun.. hehe.

The other day I was getting restless indoors, so out I pop with the aim of getting some photography practice. For some reason the idea of walking for the sake of walking doesn't appeal to me very much. I do love to walk and once I get going I can go for ages... but leaving the house to go for a walk is hard, especially when I have to get dressed just to do it. So carrying my lovely DSLR made it feel somewhat productive. Also trying out my new skirt helped too ;)

yeah.. Like i say, photography practice... how much fun is short depth of field? so much fun!

I think a kid lives here.

hehe.. cloud cat!

Brunswick is cat city. I swear to god theres a new one every time I leave the house.
These two are pretty much my faves though. SO gorgeous yes?
They came over to me and climbed under the gate as i was taking photos of them and just fell at my feet. At one point in the past I met their owner and found out their names but I forget them, I know, terrible.
Also i think they are the first cats I met in brunswick. yeah.. we go way back yo.

walking walking....

The last one is La Paloma. They have the BEST rolls and churros and cheap coffee and its just awesome. There you go, a recommendation from me... your brunswick guide. (make you sure you go before it gets too well known though, they just recently put the prices up and made the menu bigger. eep!)

After this I met up with Josie and we kept on walking, alll the way back to each peach! have you been there? I think I may have posted about it in the past..
SO yum!

We both had a Lentil Shepherds Pie for lunch (nom nom omomomomomm) and then, of course, we had pumpkin pie! Seriously the best pumpkin pie I've ever had! I'll have to ask Jo what she says cos she's actually tried pumpkin pies in America, so I'll get back to you on her verdict.

We stopped in Five Boroughs for a sneaky peak along the way somewhere... What a cute bonnet!

I also stopped in Mitre 10 to collect paint chips to try something like this!

Well I think my battery ran out after that.. so i guess thats all I have for you!

Have a lovely afternoon! (or whatevers applicable to when your reading this post!)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I think I love everything about this little film. There is something so amazing about their attitudes and ideas about life.
The way they have so simply used such amazing technology. So much skill and creativity.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yes! We did it! The market on sunday was a blast!

Everything went smoothly (*ah hem :$) and we all stayed super perky and cheerful throughout the whole day. But seriously, how could you not be cheerful in that place? I had SO much fun chatting to everyone who came up and had questions and peeked over at our super filled up card table of goodies (see above). We were at the end of a corridor and if you walked up to us you couldn't see the next room full of stalls, so I got in the habit of telling everyone that turned around to keep going!
In turn this got me all chatty and much more comfortable, and well, I couldn't stop! When I left the stall to have a walk around the market I was still in stall-person mode and, out of context, i think its a bit over-bearing.. hehe. But i guess everyone was so lovely it didnt matter! hurruh!

Have you noticed all the SUPER DUPER little signs on our table?? IKR!?**
Sarah is quite the illustrative talent! She just drew them all up one evening. Just like that! Crazy!
Be sure to go check out her blog.

I told you previously about the apple hanging in the tree..yes? How cute is it?
I'm not actually sure if people noticed it that much, cos i reckon if they did they would have commented more. But that's kind of what i like about it, its like a small detail that's extra special when you DO discover it and its not completely obvious. :)

Sorry I didn't get better pictures of my scarves, i really do want to show you those. But to tell the truth i just remembered to take a couple of snaps at the end, and the scarves weren't in a very good position for photographing anyways, nor were the totes, sorry about that. You'll just have to come check us out next time... ;)

We'll be at the next Market as well
Mark it in your diaries folks!
AUG 21st

I also only got one full shot of the stall...

Yes. Josie is crazy. but thats why we love her. and she has a wonderful coat on.

We had just started packing up so thats not quite what it looked like either.

* so errr, there may have been a slight issue at the beginning where Josie and Sarah had to, um, go all the way home because we... forgot the TABLE! ha! of all the things to forget! bahahahaaa

* :$ is the blushing face from msn.. did you get that reference? man i miss msn.

** IKR means 'I know right!'

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A bunch of things

Here is a bunch of things I have bought or made recently. I also wanted to do some photography practice....

Apple! I put the sparkles on right after I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Man i love that film.

We hung this apple in a branch we attached to the clothes rack on our stall last time, it looked SUPER cute.
yep. I'll get a photo of it in the tree at the next one I promise.

More apples! These are about 20cm high and i love them.
The decreasing in the stitches are much more pronounced when i use the really thick wool,  It's a little disappointing but you understand.. right?

Now for some recent purchases in the world of op-shops.

Johnson ware teapot for always.
I also recently bought a mega coffee pot that matches this but its at my parents house. I'll show you another time.

I am also really loving the Staffordshire Potteries cups such bold and awsome colours. I just did a bit of research on their products and i pretty much adore every one of them. so, perhaps you could send some to me? awesome

Head band! huzzuh! super simple and easy to make. And super good for keeping ears warm. super!

Friday, July 22, 2011

To Market!

Last month my sister, my housemate and I all pulled together to create the Apple Cart market stall at the North Melbourne Market! Oh and what a great idea it was!!

We all had so much fun doing working bees and planning all the details in the lead up to the day. Then meeting all the super lovely market people made it a most fantastic experience.

We're hooked! So we're doing another one THIS weekend! Hooray!
So come join us and grab a free cupcake and a zine!

Monday, May 23, 2011


This here is a little brooch I made for my ma the other day! She's pretty splendid!