Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here we go!

thats what most of my nights are spent doing.
so i figure this is actually quite a good way of expelling the "anti-homework" energy.
i do value my work but i have lost all motivation lately, my media teacher today told us about how researchers know that teenagers' bodies need to have more sleep in the mornings, that they actually cope and perform better if they are able to sleep later in the morning. and that there have been some kind of motions towards having school start later. but no, that would be too inconvenient to the people who have part time jobs after school. PFFT!
not cool.
i completely agree, when i get up 10 am i feel all drowsy and unmotivated, when i get up at 6 (my usual school day) i spend the day feeling kind of down and unable to concentrate. On Mondays i dont have to go in first period so get up about 8! and for me mondays are fab! i get so much more work done and i feel generally happier and even more confident!

well, now that i've given you a nice spiel on my thoughts for the day, i shall get back to my homework!
i shall leave you with a nice piece of art...
this piece was done by faboarts of
and is absolutely EVERYWHERE.
i just want you all to know that its been way overused and we all need to go and appreciate the artist so in the future when we see it being used wrongly we can say, i know its wrong and i shall take a moment to think of the actual artist.
there are some really awesome characters on that site...GO!