Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yup! I know! Christmas was a while ago now, I dont know what happened really, first i got swept up in Christmas presents. I decided to make them all this year (or last year, as it were) then that lead on to starting a whole lot of new projects. I just haven't gotten around to showing you what I made for my house!
Well I guess its better late than never!

Here is a little look at how I did my tree, I figured since our apartment is so small I did everything in miniature, and my gosh I haven't been so enthused about Christmas in years!

After a while my housemate Sarah came out and joined me, she had been sleeping while all this was going on, and all morning I had been thinking; 'wake up sarah!! come craft with me!!'
She's quite talented with her hands, especially with small things. looky here!

At long last she did emerge, and I was not disappointed, checkout this tiny twig tree!

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